Tech Aboki is the startup that helps with all gadget repairs. Tech Aboki utilizes Artificial Intelligence in the diagnosis of the devices they fix. They operate a self-learning system, that can accurately determine the required repairs and cost implication, which gives the user instant feedback.They are the Aboki for all devices, with a warranty on all their fixes. They maintain a standard procedure for all their processes ensuring the best of services delivered at all times.


Facetunez, (Social Media Experience for Africa) is a brand marketing and social media app. Facetunez focuses on using Augmented Reality Filters to create interactive ads for user engagement for the small and big brands, alongside creating a diverse social media experience. The Social Media end of Facetunez is towards Africans, by making afrocentric AR filters, like those used in Snapchat.


SCUTA, (Smart City Urban Transit App) is a bus hailing, transport solution. SCUTA uses Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Algorithm and Geo-Tagging to optimize routes and transport people from their homes to their places of work and vice versa.


Tiro Beauty, is a beauty app, that uses Machine Learning to connect beauty professionals to beauty customers. The app is optimised to also use geo-tagging to recommend the closest available beauty customer. Tiro Beauty is often called ‘the uber for beauty’.


Saduwa is an African-born social network that employs machine learning to empower small businesses. Saduwa provides a platform that matches businesses with their African target customers closest to them. Its Afro-centricity enhances interactions as users can share photos and read the latest news that caters to their specific location-based needs.


Glambox is “the beautiful box, that contains 5 carefully curated face care products, to target the Nigerian Beauty Consumer”. Glambox offers user specific beauty products by using Machine Learning and Big Data analysis to collect information on the Million Dollar Beauty industry in Nigeria. The Glambox is a unique product in the Nigerian market that simplifies the access to face care items, by making them available in collections, with a free delivery option.


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At startprenuers, we are not just building startups and ideas into successful giants in the technology sector. We are the only hub in Nigeria today that has built a hub for another accelerator. Our mission is to transform our location into a localized "Silicon Valley", a hotbed of disruptive innovation.

Startpreneurs’ core competency stems from our very extensive and well-structured technology startup acceleration and seed-fund programme.

The Startpreneurs digital job creation operates a sharing model.

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