We run a Venture Builder model which is centered around B2G scheme. We build disruptive innovations anchored on Artificial IntelligenceMachine LearningAugumented RealityVirtual RealityBlockchainand/or Data Science.

We are an innovative climate driving digital technology in Nigeria through Digital Capacity Development, Entrepreneurship Training and Inclusive Technology Education.

We are focused on growing a completely digitalized Nigerian economy; we do this by creating disruptive innovations within our team and deploying these innovations as full functioning technology solutions and products.

We are Nigeria’s leading entrepreneurship system; we are so by building internally generated creative innovations using our vast pool of both government and private network and resources.

At the core of StartPreneurs is digital literacy, we are focused on the digitalization of Nigeria’s economy; and to achieve this, we are centered on executing both high level digital technology/entrepreneurship trainings across the country and software development/deployment.

Startpreneurs is Africa’s leading entrepreneurial ecosystem that is aimed at shifting the technology focus of Africa’s economy from being innovation consumers to becoming innovation creators.

We adopt a venture building model, operating a blueprint of entrepreneurship and providing talent to ventures. We identify business ideas, build teams, find capital and provide shared resources. As a tech studio, we explore different ideas and prototype concepts, with the endpoint of coming up with a viable business idea and growing them up.

We also encourage and execute capacity development and technical skill learning through various high-level industry standard training modules and programmes.